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By Jacaranda School for Orphans on 05-22-2015
We are thrilled to announce that thanks to the generosity of Jacaranda School supporters and friends The So Family, we now have a new campus at Jacaranda: the future Jacaranda Vocational School. Our goal is to turn each of the seven houses on the campus into a workshop teaching students specific vocational skills, under the direct supervision of professionals.
By Jacaranda School for Orphans on 05-21-2015
Having a preschool for our orphan students has always been a dream for us, as we know how important early childhood education is for the development of the child. Thanks to John and Anne Mullen’s extreme generosity, an American couple who met with our founder Marie Da Silva in New York City and whose son lived in Malawi years ago, this dream is now becoming a reality.
By Jacaranda School for Orphans on 05-21-2015
Mary's Meal feeds over one million children every day. Jacaranda School for Orphans was invited to attend this memorable ceremony at Chirimba Primary School in Machinga. Where Patuma a student there was the Millionth child to receive Mary's Meals Porridge. For us at Jacaranda it was not about performing, it was about Celebrating this day.